Welcome stranger...
take rest or head on, but do not miss the wonders that I can offer thee. And wonders, believe me, are here enough!

The Quake Dreamworld
features maps, skins and textures for the quake series titles from id software.

Dreams of Night and Day
Offers you free digital artwork for download

The book of Shadows
This is a manifest of the Horrors that live in all things

Pages of time
Is a poem telling you from distant ages

The Scroll of infinite Stories
Offers you free digital lyric from many autors

Mystic Ways
This is a collection of links

Gods of Nightmare
People disfigured


There again

The page has been down and gone for some time now. But, after moving to a new server, the page is up again. The content is still the same though, since working doesn't leave me with much time to work for the page. But for now... welcome back to the shadows!

- prophet
Quake 3 Arena realted files (maps, textures) Artwork, Wallpapers the book ov Shadows, dive into the world of twilight Pages of Time Stories, novels and Poetry Links section Enigma